Marketing,research and production in one sale,
We are committed to the best quality of the detector head and to provide customers with financial equipment
Gekasmart 17 years focused on the magnetic detector head and financial equipment
The company developed the smart home, finance equipment and other products
More than 80 percent of products exported to Europe and other countries.
Through the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
We carefully make every product, sincere service every customer!
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Dongguan Geka Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Dongguan in 1998. It integrates scientific research, production, marketing and after-sales. It is led by the field of financial and magnetic card application systems. The products developed and successfully applied include: Bluetooth mobile phone card reader, Magnetic card read head, magnetic card write head, magnetic card read and write integrated head, programmable encryption head, money detector head and newly developed smart home series products.

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How does the magnetic head read the magnet

The magnetic card is made by uniformly coating a layer of magnetic particulate material on a piece of plastic. The magnetic particles on the newly produced magnetic card are not magnetic. Such a magnetic card is like a piece of white paper.......

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